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looking at a great deal on a R1 vs. R6

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i'm looking at a great deal on a brand spanking new R1. without giving away the info i have already, please hit me up with a decent pro/con thread.
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Pros for the R6: more nimble in the corners, screaming high-end power, late engage clutch, a trackbike made steet legal.

Cons for the R6: lack of any low/mid range power, late-engage clutch if you aren't experienced.

The R1 is one hell of a bike. Liter class, but if this is your first bike, than the R1 is too much.
not my first bike, but first sport bike. i've always owned cruisers. i only rode sports when my friends and i would have bike swap rides.
why is a late engage clutch a con? just asking because i don't know.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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