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Looking for a new bike

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As some of you know i totaled my R6 and i am looking to buy a new bike i have 3 choices and was wondering if you guys could give me some info on each of these bikes...
1. 08 R6
2. 08 Daytona 675
3. 08 Ducati 848

I really don't know about the L-twin i hoping you guys could help me out about the big differances in the bikes. I like to ride wheelies and drive fast if that helps. And its an 848cc what is that equal to on an in line 4?
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I say R6 as well. When I got my bike tuned (at a Ducati dealer) the service manager was telling me how the 848 is great but the 1098 is where its at. For just a little more cash you get so much more for your money.
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