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Looking up OEM parts...

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So I've looked at several web sites for OEM parts for my bike (I need some stupid plastic rivet thing). But how am I supposed to know what specific model of R6 I have? It probably won't matter for the part I need, but I'd like to know for future reference. They have 4 different '03 R6 models with 2 different catalogs. A catalog for YZFR6R & YZFR6RC as well as a catalog for YZFR6SR & YZFR6SRC.
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www.ronayers.com (cheapest place for a few OEM replacments that i could find when i was looking)

and i don't think there is a difference between the r and the rc (BUT, i'm not sure, so wait to see what others say before just hauling off and ordering something based on what "this guy on the internet" says) :)
I order my OEM parts from http://www.cheapcycleparts.com

I got confused too between the R6R and R6RC versions, but I came to the conclusion that the C stands for the California versions since the R6 motors are manufactured a little different for California emissions controls.

YZFR6R - standard R6
YZFR6RC - California version of R6
YZFR6RS - standard R6-S
YZFR6RSC - California version of R6-S

You would know if your R6 was a S model because the R6 sticker on your bike would say R6S :sing
Ahh, that makes sense. But there isn't an S version for the 2nd gen bikes. So why do I see the R6S for a 2003 bike?
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