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looking for some help with a bike im working on for a friend. It's a 99 R6. He rode it to the gym and it was fine. on the ride home it started to sound rough and wouldnt take full throttle. i checked and its only firing on cylinders 1 and 4. i replaced his plugs and tried swapping his coil packs between cylinders with no change. i replaced his coil packs with r1 packs and no change. i checked the pick up coil and wiring from ecu all looks good. checked the starte relay box all looks good. everything seems to test fine. So i got a used ecu from a shop. Plugged in the used ecu, no spark at all. plug in the original, back to two cylinders. Figured possibly the used ecu was bad. tried another. same result, no spark at all. everything ive tested seems fine. yamaha is not currently carrying a new ecu in stock and im nervous to spend 650$ on a theory. has anyone had a similar problem?
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