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Lowest seat replacement?

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I was just out in the garage messing around with the bike, and I had the seat pad removed. Decided to take a seat and see how it felt. Obviously it didnt feel good, but I LOVED the way I was positioned on the bike. Im very tall in the torso area, and this seemed to make me actually fit on the bike the way I should. I know I cant have something that low(no seat at all) But whats the lowest seat they sell on the market? I dont really want to make my own, I could, But this is a "I want it now" kinda deal. Help me out here people, Im calling my shop first thing in the morning to see what they can come up with. So id like to be able to throw a couple brand names at them if at all possible. Thanks guys. :idhitit

Im finding where alot of people just shave their seat, but Id like to buy one outright first. If not, ill just shave it.
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