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So as some of you know, late last year I picked up a different R6. I was lucky to find a gentleman with such exceptional taste who was willing to hand-off their incredible bike.
Not long after picking the bike up though I decided/realized a couple things -
1. I really needed to add a bit of myself to the bike and make it more "my own"
2. This bike could potentially be a great showcase for several products that I believe in and are distributed by a guy I believe in - even more.

And it began.

Here's how the bike looked the day I picked it up.

Right away I yanked off the stock mirrors in favor of a CRG bar-end I still had lying around

Then I pulled the Braking SS lines off the front in favor of some Fren Tubo Carbotech Stage 4 lines :)naughty) - thanks to Passion Motorsports + Agg Racing

Then off came the Leo Vince ceramic coated SS system

To be replaced by a full titanium Graves Works system (thanks SpidermanSS!)

Then came some custom mirror block-offs and powdercoated kickstand and passenger pegs - courtesy of 06r6'n

I swapped out the machined stock rear rotor for a "Driven" rear - thanks to a ball-juggling cop known only as "Catcher."

Then over the last few weeks things went into overdrive a bit.

I just received a Bazzaz ZFI to replace the PCV, Michelin Pilot Power Pures to replace the 2CTs, and a Ballistic 4-cell battery to replace the moody Yuasa - all thanks to TJ @ Riders Discount

You've seen a ZFi and tires before - but maybe you haven't seen the Ballistic battery yet

I also received a custom rear Fren Tubo line. The rear brake setup means a stock-length line is of no use. Passion Motorsports again accommodated my unique request.

Here's how she has been sitting for the last couple weeks - nekkid.

The final addition (for now)..

Yesterday I was able to get tires and the rear rotor switched out - and last night I installed the ZFI (thanks to Agg2001's write-up) and the battery. Thanks the the saved space from the 4-cell battery, the Bazzaz, HM quickshift, and battery all now reside comfortably where the chunky factory battery used to stay.

And finally - the (almost) finished product. I got a huge grin as I rolled this thing out into the sun for the first time - I hope you all enjoy this as well.


Parts List

  • Brembo Braking:
  • Brembo HP / CNC Billet Calipers + Ti Hardware
  • Brembo HP / CNC Billet Rear Caliper / GP System + Ti Hardware
  • Brembo 19RCS Master Cylinder + Ti Hardware
  • Brembo RCS Mechanical Clutch System
  • Brembo RCS Low-Drag MC Lever
  • Brembo RCS Low-Drag Mechanical Clutch Lever
  • Brembo RCS Machined Clamp

  • Rizoma Titanium Fluid Reservoir Front and Rear
  • BrakeTech SS Rotors + Ti Hardware
  • Fren Tubo Carbotech stage 4 lines
  • Driven rear rotor

    Chassis Protection:
  • Driven Axle Adjusters / Swingarm Sliders
  • Frame Sliders
  • Fork Sliders w/ Ti Hardware

    Control and Ergonomics:
  • Driven Clip-Ons + Ti Hardware
  • Rizoma Rearsets

  • Ohlins 30mm NIX Fork System
  • Ohlins TTX36
  • Ohlins Damper + Ti Hardware

    Engine, Electronics & Performance:
  • Graves Works Ti system
  • Bazzaz Z-FI
  • BMC Air Filter
  • Graves B/O Plates
  • HM Quickshifter
  • Graves Servo Elim
  • Ballistic Performance Evo2 4-cell battery
  • Marchesini Magnesium Wheels w/ Ariete Racing Valves

  • Driven / Marchesini Sprocket
  • Driven Ergal Sprocket Nuts
  • Driven Front Sprocket
  • EK Chain

  • Yamaha FIAT Replica Bodywork 99/220 (This is where Max stops reading :laugh)
  • Vortex Gas Cap / Base
  • Fender Elim
  • Gilles ACM Ti Axle Nut
  • Michelin Pilot Power Pures
  • CRG Arrow Mirror
    [*]Custom Mirror Block offs

Almost done now...

Thanks for checking it out! :toocool:

Is this a segment?
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Argh :rant

The first 6 are from photobucket - the next 18 are from Flickr... apparently I don't know how to link from Flickr :cuss

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WOW your bike came with a ton of quality goodies! :bow

You have made some very nice progress on the bike!

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Is this a segment?
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Yeah that sucked. First post is better - still about 6 messed up for some reason.

Man, this sucks :laugh

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That's one damn sexy bike man, nice work. How's that battery working out for you? I was thinking about picking one up next time I need a new one, but a lot of the stuff that it promotes sounds too good to be true given the size of it

Is this a segment?
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Ok, all better! :toocool:

Let's call that "accidental suspense" :laugh

Louis - it's great! It turns over a little slower, which is why they recommend an 8-cell for street use, but that little 4-cell still gets the job done!
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