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March ROTM Voting Thread

  • RyMoney

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • tdoss1980

    Votes: 15 62.5%
  • DB_ass

    Votes: 7 29.2%
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I am dedicating the future ROTM threads to Matt. Look after us. :cheers

Below are the contestants for this month's ROTM.

Year: 2007

Model: R6

Engine Performance Mods: M4 y-pipe, gutted stock headers, PCV, Bauce ECU flash, Driven 520 -1/+2, speedo DRD

Accessories: AC/DC convertor to USB or outlet, shorty levers, black windscreen, flush mount signals, integrated tail, fender eliminator, Audi style running lights

Pictures: View attachment 189522 View attachment 189530
I welded my m4 pipe onto my exhaust myself.. :YEA View attachment 189514

This is my first bike. :YEA I wanted to get a used one because it's my first and I'm in college so I'm not loaded with money.. All the bikes for sale near me sucked. Not really, but had 12k miles or more and wanted $5k. My sister lives in South Carolina. I live in delaware. I looked near her and the bikes were cheaper! 2007 R6 5900 miles for $5400 with 2 helmets and a summer and winter jacket and tank bag. I went out with my step dad and loaded it in his truck and hauled it back to delaware. Over 10 hours of driving for this baby. This is going to be my first summer with it and I'm prepared to take it to the track a lot! Can't wait.

Oh, one more reason why I should win is.... I'm a nice son... I let my mom ride my R6. :popcorn: View attachment 189538
*She used to ride during her years in college and before she divorced my dad she would ride his Kawasaki Spectre 1100.*
Sorry I don't have the best pictures. During the winter I put all these new mods on and don't have too many new pictures with it since I haven't really ridden with them yet. In the months to come if I don't win, I will have an updated submission! Thanks!

Lets try again to see if there is love for the 2nd gens, I bought her in 2007 off of Craigslist with just the slip on and the hid kit and 11,000 miles, the rest is all me. She was my daily driver for almost a year (thank god for a mild winter that year) and current mileage is just over 50k. She has never left me stranded while at the same time giving some of the best experiences you can have in on and around bikes.


Model: R6

Performance Mods:
Devil Racer Carbon Highmount Ceramic Coated Black, Ohlins Steering Dampener, K&N Air Filter, Factory Pro +4 Ignition Advancer, Superflare Vstacks, Graves Slide Stops, Graves Smog Block Offs, Power Commander with Quickshifter, -1 520 Conversion with Driven Sprockets and DID Chain, Goodridge Shadow Brake Lines, Brembo CNC Calipers with Vesrah RJL Pads, Brembo 19x20 Master Cylinder, Hinson Slipper Clutch, Vented Brakes Cooling System, Racetech Internals Front and Rear

Appearance Mods:
Motodynamic Sequential Signals, Flush Smoke Front Turns, 6k Hid, Motovation No Cut Frame Sliders and Bar End Sliders, ASV Levers, Vortex Black Rearsets, Zero Gravity Windscreen, Stompgrip Tank Pads, Gilles Chain adjusters with race lifters, NRC Powdercoated Racing Covers

The pictures are from last year so some of the pieces are not shown yet:

Street Setup:

Front brake setup minus the Brembo Calipers:

Track Setup:

2012 YZF-R6 SE

Engine Performance Mods: Two Bros M2 Carbon Slip-on, M4 Y-Pipe, Graves smog block off plates, Graves EXUP Vlv Removal, Power Commander 5, DID 520 -1 Front, BMC Race air filter, Re-flash ECU(pending)lol

Chassis/Controls Mods: Sato rear sets, ASV shortys, Billet front brake reservoir, Spiegler steel braided brake lines

Accessories: Hot Bodies flush mounts, Hot Bodies integrated tail, graves frame sliders, vortex swing arm spools, vortex no key gas cap, puig black windscreen, frame plugs, lamin-x headlight covers, oury grips, fender delete

Ok so I bought the bike from Barney's in St. Pete with one mile on it after I finally talked my wife into the whole idea. (Yes for those that are married, you know whats up; don't even try to play) Drove it for 2 weeks getting the hang of my new bike. I've ridden dirt bikes, quads, trikes, scooters, race cars..etc. nothing like this. Well deployed for about half a year and went right back to it...rest repeat. so after about 2 years of doing this i have been able to ride it about half of the time with deployments separating me from the grips. so far i have been to the track at jennings gp, ran 1:42's and was a blast also, racked up 18700 miles on it traveling to NC from FL. i consistently find out ways to ride and have to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! I do all of my own work trying to learn as i go and always have a new question, almost on the daily. i think i should at least get a vote for the amount of miles i have accrued over the short amount of time i have owned it lol. but seriously i devote a lot of time and resources to have this 600cc monster. its always fun and always ready to go!

i hope all of you like it as much as i do!

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Terry...you already know who I voted for!

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