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Maryland local tracks?

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Hello. I'm from maryland I'm looking for a decent road coarse around maryland. I've seen Summit Point Motorsports which is a little under 2 hours away. Is there any where else out there?
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Summit is actually three tracks: Main, Shenandoah, and Jefferson.

Jefferson is tiny and sucks (imo) but is a decent track to get your feet wet on.
Shenandoah is small and twisty although some people complain about the walls.
Main is hard to find weekend dates on but a great track where all the racing happens.

If you expand your reach slightly there are several more tracks:
BeaveRun (Wampum, PA) ~4.5 hours away from DC. Great track, tons of fun.
VIR (Danville, VA) ~4 hours from DC. Actually four tracks: Patriot, North, South, Full. Patriot sucks cack but the rest are good.

There is a new track opening in New Jersey in a couple months as well.
Dang, i guess that's the closest track I'm going to find. Thanks man...
If you can make 2 days out of it especially then a 4 hour drive seems like nothing. Hook up with a buddy, split the cost of gas (for the truck) and hotel and it makes for an awesome weekend.

Check out dcsportbikes.net and dcsportbikes.com to link up with other people heading out that way. NESBA and TPM going to be your best bets for local track orgs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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