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May ROTM Voting Thread

  • - Raven -

    Votes: 10 26.3%
  • Yamimoto86R6

    Votes: 3 7.9%
  • R6inAK

    Votes: 4 10.5%
  • RHorwood

    Votes: 5 13.2%
  • -1badR6-

    Votes: 14 36.8%
  • timbo-slice

    Votes: 2 5.3%
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I am dedicating the future ROTM threads to Matt. Look after us. :cheers

Below are the contestants for this month's ROTM.

Year: 2009
Model: R6
Mods: The usual, full SS Yoshi R55 w/ ecu flashed. K&N Air Filter. -1 driven sprocket kit w/ ek chain (so cash)
Accessories: Nothing special except the super cool wheel tape. (shorty levers, smoked screen, oes frame sliders, stomp grip, keyless gas cap, 6K HID’s, smoked intergrated tail light, you know all the shit that cost a shit ton but don’t add a dime to the overall sell value)

As far as the story, I’m just like you, the typical rider except better looking. Started riding street as soon as I turned 18, which makes it going on 6 years now. It was pretty stock when I decided to down a 12 pack and channel my inner Rossi. (turn down for what? Right?) Destroyed the bike, destroyed my shoulder, such a buzz kill. Anyway rebuilt it blah blah… Lots of booze and cocaine later I was able to complete it. Cocaine is a hell of a drug, but that’s besides the point. Here is the bikeee:



thanks for looking

Year: 2014
Model: R6
Engine Mods: PCV and BMC Street Filter for now
Chassis Mod: stock
Accessories: Gregg Custom Flush mounts, TaylorMade Fender eliminator, Puig Smoked Windscreen, and Shogun Frame sliders.

Well i picked it up back in February, and i did the stupid thing of picking up an R6 as my first bike and a new one if anything. But i did take MSF course. i know its still a stupid thing to do but when i saw this beauty in the show room and with the money burning a hole in my pocket i couldn't resist. Im here to learn from everyones mistakes and experience. So i guess you can also call this my Introduction post.

First photo when it was stock. Second is how she currently sits. .

First day i got it

Gotta love that sexy tail and exhaust

Me and my baby

After selling my GSXR600 about five years ago ive finally been able to save up some money and stay out of trouble so I can get a bike again. I saw this one come up on craigslist and I knew this is the ONE i had to have it. I went to take a look at it and it blew me away, so i borrowed some money and an hour later i was riding it home! Now I cant help but look for more parts and read more posts.

2012 R6 Limited Edition 50th Anniversary
This is #660/1500. Full Graves Motorsports titanium exhaust, Power Commander, rear fender eliminator, sliding rear license plate bracket, integrated rear tail light, flush mount turn signals and double bubble widescreen. Future plans include HID headlights, adjustable shorty levers, tank protector and rear cowl
Just bought it a month and a half ago. 1200km on her, about to go back to work so maybe end of season or over winter ill be able to finish the mods I still have left to put on.

Current mods:
-crg shorty levers
-toce slip on
-tst integrated tail light w/ gen relay
-stomp grip tank pads
-puig rear hugger and grips
-puig double bubble wind screen
-powder coated black footrests
-tst rear fender eliminator
-shogun frame sliders, bar ends, spools
-proton flush mount leds w/strobe flash pattern

The story behind her is pretty cool, to me anyways. About a year ago I started to watch videos about bikes and would always see them around town so I instantly needed one. I did what any impulsive 20 year old would do and went to go get my bike learners then took the motorbike safety course. After that, all I needed was my dream bike. I went into the shop, saw the 2012 R6, brand new, sitting there, with a price tag of which I could not afford. I was bummed out, but oh well, life goes on. I finished college that year, quit my low paying part time job, then got a real job to help me get this bike. I saved up enough cash, went in to the shop, and sure enough the bike still sat there. I took it away a couple days later and here she is a month and a half after.

Thanks for looking.

Year: 2009
Model: R6
Armour Bodies Race Fairings
Woodcraft Clip-ons
Graves Throttle Tube
Woodcraft lever guard
CRG Carbon Fiber levers
Pit Bull Steering Stabilizer
Zero Gravity Windscreen
Modded 20mm Ohlins Front Piston Kit
Ohlins TTX MKI rear shock
Vesrah Brake Pads
Pirelli Supercorsa SC tires
Pit Bull 520 Conversion with DID chain
Spiegler Front & rear SS brake lines
Woodcraft Rearsets
Bazzaz ZFi QS & AFM
Leo Vince Corsa Ti full Exhaust
MCJ Motorsports/Vesrah SS motor build
APE Manual Cam Chain Tensioner
Graves Slotted Cam gears
Full Spectrum Pulse Battery
BMC Filter
Woodcraft Case Covers
Driven Fuel cap

Essentially aftermarket errthang for racing.

The story starts back in early 2010 when I came home from a Saturday at work (my birthday too) to find a brand new R6 in the driveway with bows on it from my wife who decided to get me an awesome birthday present. She even called my friends over to ride that day too. Yes, she is all mine and does not have a sister so don't ask. Over the course of a year as a street bike I put the exhaust and Bazzaz on which was a nice little improvement. In the fall of 2011 I start working at STG and the racing "career" had started. Again, the wife looks at me and asks if I ever considered going racing. So, full bore into it I've developed the bike over the past few years with the most recent update being the motor build. Holy hell does it pull hard now.

Here are some pictures:


2007 R6

-K&N race filter
-AGG Racing block-offs
-Venom Racing midpipe (welded)
-GYTR Carbon slip-on
-Graves EXUP Elim.
-NGK CR10EK Plugs
-Bazzaz Z-Fi w/ ZAFM
-Vortex -1/+2 520 conversion
-RK 520GXW gold chain
-EBC clutch kit w/ Kevlar friction plates & Heavy Duty springs
-Engine Ice coolant
-Dunlop Sportmax Q2 tires
-Ariete 90 degree valve stems

-Complete gloss black paint
-Powdercoated rearsets, gascap, shift linkage
-Woodcraft sliders and spools
-Woodcraft Stator Cover
-Pazzo shorty levers
-Techspec tank grips
-Lamin-x gunsmoke headlight tint
-Krypton Bulbs 6000K HID Headlights
-Puig DB Black windscreen
-Greggs Black flushmounts
-Motodynamic Smoked Integrated Taillight

This is my first and only bike I have ever owned. I bought it in the spring of 2010 bone stock and did all the work to it myself. Plan on putting many more miles on it, I love my R6!

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Ooo those votes are so close

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Several more days for votes!

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