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May ROTM Voting

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I am dedicating the future ROTM threads to Matt. Look after us. :cheers

Below are the contestants for this month's ROTM.

Year: 2015
Model (R6, R6S): R6
Engine Performance Mods (i.e. exhaust, PC3, etc.): Modified OEM Air Filter, Bauce Racing Flash, M4 Midpipe
Chassis/Controls Mods (i.e. suspension, brakes, clip-ons, etc.): Ebay Shorty Levers, Renthal Grips, RBF600 Fluid, Goodridge Superbike Pro Braided lines, Vesrah RJL Pads, Suspension setup to weight, Pirelli Supercorsa SPs
Accessories: Optimal Racing Bodywork, Ebay Double Bubble Screen, Woodcraft Spool Sliders

This is my Fairly Stock Track Bike. I love it, and can't wait to see how far i can take her without major upgrades. I'm in Novice Group.

Year: 2014

Model: R6

Engine Performance Mods: Graves full titanium, bmc race filter, agg block off plates, motion pro quick throttle, tune and flash by rev Moto, bazazz quick shifter.

Chassis/Controls Mods: ktech 25mm cartridges, pro rds rear shock. Vortex clipons and rear sets. Braking sbk floating rotors, rear yanki shanki rear cut rotor, sbk rear reservoir.

Accessories: vortex v3 gas cap, motion pro coolant reservoir kit, armour bodies sbk race fairings, and motodynamics flush mounts and integrated tail for the street stuff.

This is my third r6. Started riding back in 2008 on an r6s then crashed that at the track. Brought a brand new 2009 r6, rode street for a little then did trackdays again and then started racing. I raced 250 and the r6 for a season before selling both bikes and taking a break. Fast forward to last year, brought a brand new 2014 r6 to commute and save gas. Ended up turning it into a track bike too, it's a viscous cycle.

Pictures (please limit to 4):

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