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Micron Serpent Headers

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In light of recent discussions in regards to the bends in exhaust piping affecting HP, I've come across something I find interesting. Micron is now making a "Serpent" header, said to be state of the art. Here's a pic of it...

The theory of the flared and flattened (looks like a cobra's head) is this according to Micron.......

Take the extremely high speed gas particle flow of your exhaust as it leaves the exhaust port, and picture it entering the first bend in the exhaust header. By centrifugal force, all the gas is "pushed" to outside of the bend in the pipe, causing a vacuum, or "reversion", on the inside bend of the pipe in this same location. Much the same as watching a fast flowing river entering a bend, you can see the water working its way back "up river" at the inside of the bend, which is what is called negative flow. Through the use of the most sophisticated software and engineering in the world, we create the "Serpent" header design that virtually eliminates this negative flow, while still maintaining the pressure wave and velocity at almost a perfect level. The end result is a stronger pressure wave for scavenging and minimal loss of exhaust gas velocity, both of which translate to MORE HORSEPOWER!

If this is true, wouldn't exhaust manufacturers who make high mounts or underseats want to follow this logic and apply it to the more "severe" bends in their set-ups? Micron's theory seems to make sense, but then again, so did Wolf's explanation that a bent garden hose (alluding to bent exhaust piping) doesn't affect the flow over a given amount of time (of course, providing the bend isn't ridiculously tight).

Anyone have any thoughts on this subject? Yes, it's one of those sleepless nights where you begin to contemplate far to much.....
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