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MJS and the BEAST w/video

The MJS Header looks really good and it mates up perfect with the Growler.

So if anyone in the San Fracisco Bay area who is thinking about either a Growler or MJS header, or both in a combo and want to hear and see it in person, hit me up.

This is on my 06 R6 Raven right now, and this is the first time in 1 1/2 years of owning the bike that my neighbors have came over because of sound level of my R6. They complimented the sound, but want me to keep it down after 10pm till morning.

Thanks Mike,at MJS.

Happy R6 and Growler owner....:toocool::nocontrol


video file, I will get a proper video camera to try and help the sound quality. I used my canon camera. I sounds better in person....


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