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Motion Pro Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool.

basically the name of the tool sums it up in what it does. i bought it and never used it until recently when i did my 520 conversion. i got it from my local snap-on tools dealer but it could be ordered at your local motorcycle parts shop. i got my kit for $60.

good points - item is well packaged except for a few pieces. the tool feels sturdy and well built, similar to the quality of snap-on pullers and stuff. replacement parts are available either at MotionPro or at your local motorcycle parts dealer. the instructions are somewhat understandable.

bad points - no bad points come to mind. if your friends find out you have it, expect to get some of them to bug you about using it.

tips - apply some grease to the threads of the tool. if you are breaking a link, be sure to use a grinder to grind the head of the rivet down flush before using this tool. if you dont, you could break a few pieces of this tool. after each use wipe down the tools with an oil dampend rag to prevent rust.

conclusion - the tool is a great item to have if you are going to be into motorcycles for a long time. in my opinion its a great investment.
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