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MotoGP Grid jacket. It's the winter jacket I would use because it is water proof and very very warm. Let's 0% wind in even at 110+mph. Was a great jacket. Ran a bit big on me. It's an XL and I'm 5'9" 125lbs. Length fit fine but was a little wide around me. Works great when wearing layers or a hoodie underneath. Great jacket, very comfortable. It has CE approved elbow and shoulder armor along with a back protector built in. List price for these brand new is $239.99. I'm selling it for $100 including shipping. It is in almost perfect condition with nothing wrong, it's used and not new. If you like to ride in the winter or tour around, this jacket is great. I've ridden in under 10 degree weather and my upper body was very warm and comfortable.
$100 including shipping.

Fulmer AFN4 helmet
Size L
Good helmet, clear shield. Too big for me. Came with the bike when I got it.
$40 including shipping
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