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Thanks very much for your advice! I can set 38mm static with the preload set to 4, so I'll start there. However, at that setting, my free sag is 26mm. Does that seem too high?

I have been thinking about swapping the springs out for a set of race tech .9 and .95, but I think I'll wait until I can try out these settings on the track.

Thanks again DanQ!
That is a bit much free sag and it does indicate a slightly soft spring for you, but I would wait and see what the travel use is and how the geometry feels. If you are using all the travel AND it steers in too quickly or otherwise exhibits signs of being too far into the stroke, then maybe look at a set of .95 kg/mm springs and try one at a time. But you are in the ballpark. At 120mm of total travel your static sag is 31.7% of total and free sag is 21.7% of total. You have good travel in both directions as you are currently set.
181 - 195 of 195 Posts