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Here's my blue and white 2000 R6 Mods:

Yamaha Race Team Graphics (All The Sponsors)
Carbon Fiber
-Bar Ends
-Tripple Tree
-Gas Cover
-Tank Guard

Blue LED Neons (Each side, plus 2 in tail)
Blue LED's in the headlight corners
Smoked Windscreen
Lowered 1/2" in front
Eurotail w/ Carbon Fiber Tail-Lights and Signals (Not installed yet, needs paint)

What you guys think??
Basically I'm asking because it has a stock exhaust :!: and I really need to change that. What's best. Micron blue and silver fade?? Blue flame, dual or single?? What's the difference. Devil ( I like the smaller two muffler set up). What's best, how much they cost, what do you think will look best?? Any other mods you guys think I should do?? Thanks. (Anybody know the email address for Hammy??)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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