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my 250 mile ride

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my g/f left to france for 10 days so i was really bored today... day 2... so i hopped on my bike filled her up and started riding. i went from phoenix to scottsdale then to payson, then back home.

i tell you what.. my legs are sore. that advice about stretching before a long ride, that i thought about taking, was good advice - i don't know if i will be able to walk tomorrow.

it's so quite now it almost hurts, it feels def. going 80-100 for that long, the wind and the sound of the bike get really loud. i wish i had ear plugs. i didn't miss music as much as i thought i would.

i got a new respect for people that can handle their bikes around turns like pros. it's not near as easy as it looks or seems at 65mph. i probably looked like a dumb ass with my multipul apexes and sloppy enter and exit locatoins. the wind makes it really hard though it pushes the bike down and up a lot.

god damn bugs! huge splats all over my jacket and bike. one huge bug (i can't tell what it was anymore) it my arm and splattered on my chest and it hurt. i don't know how all those people on bikes i was passing can wear short sleeve shirts and no visor.

all and all good ride. but very sore and disapointed with the reality of how much pratice i need before i'm actually skilled. i need to go take a racing course at the track. :mrgreen:

i might be better then the average joe squid but with all the bumbs and posibility of things and rubber on the road it's just not a place to practice getting better or find out how good you really are. so i didn't push it very hard beyond 90 around turns.
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ya, last fall I did a couple of 200-250 mile trips on weekends. it surpising how tired you get after you crawl around on the bike for that long. felt good to stretch when refilling though. northwest CT has some great backroads with little traffic that you can spend all day on. basically ride from the bottom of the state up to Mass and back via backroads. Gets real nice when you get past new milford and especially up towards Lime Rock.

and you're right about being deaf from the silence after being out that long with no ear plugs.
perhaps i'll have to take a ride up to CT...... HA yeah right. :roll:
Last year when I lived in Phoenix, we rode up to Jerome. There are some backroads leading up there that are incredible.
If you're interested in some badass twisties, here's the route.

I-17 North to exit 262. Take a left, and follow hwy 69 into Prescott Valley. From there make a right on hwy 89A and take that all the way to Jerome. 89A is the best twistie road I've ever been on. You'll love it, plus it's nice and cool up there.

Take a look at this road.
that is agood road texasr6 i have family in sedona and have driven it but not on my bike yet i totally forgot how good it is im takin the bike next time doin that ride for sure
looks like i'm gunna be going for another ride this week. i hate driving on the 17 though. crazy ass stupid people drive there always traffic jammed. that looks sweet.
you are such a pussy cemon :mrgreen: ive done a couple 400 mile rides over a weekend and felt fine. but it may have been that case of beers i had when i got back home :mrgreen:
loki1313 said:
you are such a pussy cemon :mrgreen: ive done a couple 400 mile rides over a weekend and felt fine. but it may have been that case of beers i had when i got back home :mrgreen:
oh shut the **** up ****. 400 over a weekend? i did 250 in less then 3 hours. eat my shit. :cuss

it's cuz you got a beer gut you can sit on.
i guess iread that wrong then i saw day 2 and thought you were on day two of your ride.
loki1313 said:
i guess iread that wrong then i saw day 2 and thought you were on day two of your ride.
naw. i thought about stopping at a hotel and chillin and ride back the next day but that would take the trip from $5 of gas and $5 of food to $100 trip. next trip is to the grandcanyon who's with me? :cheers
Oh yeah? and on my Honda Goldwing I did 600 miles in 1 day! :boob :boob

No problems with my legs, ran a marathon the next day!!

My longest ride on the r6 so far was like my 3rd ride with it. I ended up doing a touch over 500 miles one afternoon!! It was awesome too, it was funny, i had a friend along with me that was riding a f4i, you can imagine how good he felt! He ordered a Corbin seat the next day
i ride 200 miles every weekend...we ride ALL day long and only stop for food and gas...i'm always tired but i love gettin out and rippin up the road.

I've foundthe easiet way to get rid of the soreness from long ride is to have a cookout and get hammered with your riding buddies at the end of the night.
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