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my bike feld a bit funny?

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whats up guy, i'm new to this forum :cheers

I just got my brand new R6 about 2 weeks ago.........i'm been riding it everywhere.

Anyway...yesterday when i took the bike out for a sunday ride.....i notice on my backend started to feel loss(winglly) at about 70mph. I also notice the back end feels like is fish tailing during 180 degree turn and during down shift even at low speed(about 45mph)

It almost feels like the rear end of the bike is not perfectly stright.

I put over the side of the road..........and i notice there is a small nail in my rear tire. the nail is right off the left of the center of the tire.

I'm still a novice rider.........don't know too much about bikes yet.....but do u guy think this is cause for the weird feeling??

I know this it best to change the tire instead of plugging it......but the tire only has 360mile to it :cuss :cuss but safely first on a bike.
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The fishtail from the downshift is because you're probably not blipping the throttle. Happens when all you do is roll off the throttle, pull the clutch in, downshift, release the clutch, and open the throttle again. It'll happen everytime unless you accustom yourself to good downshifting techniques. There's another thread on downshifting in one of the sections.

180 degree turn? like a u-turn or something crazier? I couldn't tell you why the backend does that past 70mph.

As for the tire, places that patch your tire make you sign a waiver because it's damn dangerous. I know it'll cost money, but get a new tire. Don't skimp out on stuff like that.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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