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My bud needs help..his bike slips to nuetral on its own

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He can ride in first..but as soon as he shifts higher..no matter what gear...it will drop back down to second on its own..he can be in sixth and it will drop back to nuetral....I dont think its the dreaded second gear problem I have heard of...becouse it does it in all gears.....Its one of those things..he rode it to work...started it up to go to lunch and then it happened...no notice..noise...any problems at all till then.

Ideas guys??

His bike is a 99 R6
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I don't think it would be the clutch. If the clutch were bad, it would be really hard to shift. And once in a gear it would not cause the bike to come out of gear. Sounds like a bad tranny problem. Time to take it IMO.
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