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So my friend Mike and I have today off and we decided to hit Palomar mountain (San Diego). We tried to recruit other riders but at the end it was just Mike (KnightRider) and me. Mike also recruited another rider on a small Honda but we didn't really see him much.

Anyway we arrived at Palomar at around 2:00pm and the mountain was perfect. There was only two other riders up there that we saw beside our group. We mainly stayed to the lower portion of the tight side practicing our leaning technique.

This is Mike 5th times on Palomar and it is my 3rd time up there. After after about eight runs we camped out and started to take some video so we can see how close we were to dragging our knee. Both Mike and I felt we were getting down but we never felt that hard stuff.

After a few video shoots we did a few more run and at about 3:20pm, on the big left turn coming down (I don't know which turn number as I am not that familiar), I leaned so hard that I thought my bike was going to slide and I can feel the bike tire maybe sliding a little and at that moment BAM... My left knee had a touch down . I was so excited. I didn't have knee sliders so it was leather against the asphalt. It was great and I was like oh no, I didn't have slider (I was going to pickup the slider before the ride but I didn't have enough time) so I hope it left some mark for PROOF. After I got to the bottom and took a look and it was YES. . So after one more run, I decided that I will sit and enjoy my accomplishment and wait for Mike at the bottom and trying to come up with a way to brag about my knee dragging skill.

About ten minutes later, Mike is coming down and before I can brag and show my proof, Mike had a big grin on him and was like "Yeah, now that what I'm talking about". He came down and showed me the biggest scuff mark on his left slider.

All and all, it was a good day of riding and we celebrated with Sushi buffet.
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