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I was riding on the xit ramp from the BQE. I come to this preety sharp turn. Ive always taking this turn before so i had no worries, but today I take the outside lane and I didnt lean as much. So i ended up drifting to the divider, I tried to lean some more to stay clear from the diveider but thier was gravle on the floor so i didnt. I ended up sliding on the divider. I heard some scratching and all that went through my head was that my ferrings got f*ked up. I pulled over to check my bike and my luck the onlything that got scratched was the left blinker which is barely considered a scratch. The thing that got scratched the worst was my sneaker LOL. thank got for nike's. All in all it was a good lesson learned, not to think im big shit and take a turn faster then its supposed to.
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