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Hi, i have a r6 2007.
I have had a problem that started to occur a few months ago, and it only happened a few times the first month and now it happens about every time.

I start my bike, and let it warm up while i put my helmet and jacket on. I then ride down my road and it is about the same spot (about less than a mile) where my bike turns of every time. When i say it turns off, i mean that i still hear the sound of my bike but when i turn the throttle it does not respond. This is only the first time of the day that this happens and after i get less than a mile down the road and my bike turns off, I can then turn my bike on again and ride it without any problem. However, it has happened once that the bike turned off for the second time another less than a mile down the road.

I live in north carolina so it is hot during the summer so idk if this has an affect on it. When i first started to have this problem it was in the spring but i am not sure if it was hot that day, however now when it happens evertime it is hot bc it is summer.

Does anyone else have this problem or know what the problem is?
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