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my sneaky little son....

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Called home from work today to find out the my 2yr old son (DVSjr) stuck something down my exhaust pipe. Curiosity got the best of me, so a hauled ass home to check it out. I couldn't see anything down the pipe, so I decided to grab my key and start her up. I gunned it a few times and nothing. Then I gunned it a little harder and my exhaust spit something out. Turns out that my son found a cir-clip, from when I was doing my rear brakes on the cage. The shit is funny now, but damn this little guy is a hand full. Can't blame 'em though, he wants to be like dad. He always sees me working on the bikes or cage and stuff.
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HAHAHA!!!.... LOL!!!... sounds like hes gonna wrench for you someday. i usually plug up my exhaust when cool with a cap from a can of brakleen or just about any aerosol can will do. on the stock pipe it fits perfectly around it. on my devil sb2 it fits inside of it. also its great for when washing the bike. doesnt let the soapy water into the can.
Thats great! hahahahaha :hammer ! Funny now cuz nothing happened but damn, I can't wait for the same shit to happen to me! My boy is gonna be my pit crew! Good story pops!
My two boys have had a go at putting things in the pipe.

One of them put a clothes peg in the pipe. Had to take the pipe off & tip it up & shake it out. When I did this a rock also came out that one of them must have put in at some stage.

Sometimes I catch them putting a screwdriver in the pipe & pretend to work on the bike "like daddy"

Also caught one of them about to tip a small bucket of sand in the pipe as well.

Little bastards........
yup at some point i dont know if i should get mad or laugh.
I wonder to myself why I would even want kids sometimes. It would be cool to be a dad but, man I am a selfish bastard. I would prolly end up forgetting to feed the little one while joy riding around town.
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