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Alright People, I live in S. E. Georgia. Got pulled over about a month or so ago. weel I was nice and stopped for the cop. I have never had a ticket in my entire life for anything and am 23 years old. I was gettin of the e way nutted the throttle hit 99 and hit 55 just as fast, I was about to hit the turn around and saw the cop comming twards me so I stopped and waited for him. He came up to me, asked what the hell I was doing so I told him I didn't relize I hit 99 but told him that I saw him ut his lights on so I stopped and waited for him. Now I work at the police station here in town where he was from, he ended up writing me 99 in a 45 which the speed limit posted was 55 not 45, failure to obey a MP permit ( restricted licence) and a reckless driving. He didn't tow my bike or arrest me but he did very much *** me, my friends came and picked me and my bike up and we went home, I just went to Court and stood in front of the judge, explained my case to the judge, I also had a represenative from the Coast Guard with me at side. The judge was a complete dick to me didn't barley let me talk and my rep from my sta either. Ended up with SUSPENDED LICENCE for 1 YEAR and 1000 fine. This is my first ticket ever. Now I have 10 points and no cash. IF YOU ARE EVER IN SAINT MARYS GEORGIA ON YER BIKE JUST RUN! I was talking to a few of the other officers that I know and they all asked me why the hell I didn't run! Saying theres no way they could have caught me and that all I had to do was get back on the eway into Florida 1 min waay or goto kingsland. Any way I'm appealing this, getting a JAG lawyer and my reg lawyer.
I just wasnt to warn you all out there, if the streets are empty, don't stop. just go. really thats what the cops told me. I know its kinda bad to say that but in this city they love to rape bikers for everything even if you are an upright citizen (somewhat). Anyone want to buy a 2004 R6 mint with 4000 miles. Asking around 7400 or so not real sure what to ask yet. :stupic :cheers :drink :wtf
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