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I bought my first bike 1 year and 1 month ago.

I had 5500 cash, and that was it, I bought a 2004 CBR600RR for 5400 and spent 100 on registering it.

I signed up for the MSF, but it was 2 weeks away. I never rode a bike, dirtbike etc. I took it out on my street and taught myself how to shift etc, never drove a manual either, lololol. by day 2 i learned how to power up wheelies and was going 95 on back roads (pretty dumb)

I didn't know anything about bikes, I ended up spending 600 bucks on new fork seals, new front brakes, new front tire and an oil change.

I borrowed my friends helmet. I normally wore a sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers when I rode, but I definately rode in shorts and t-shirts all the time.

Only once i went to the beach during the summer, and it was 100 degrees and i rode without a helmet, i felt so unsafe (now i hate-on people who dont wear helmets)

I put 2500 miles on that bike. Then me and all my buddies were hanging out and we were heading to the mall, russ on his 636 and me on my RR up front, behind us was my friends S14 Silvia and then my other buddies evo. I was leading, until i got T-boned by an altima leaving some local country store. I was wearing tshirt, jeans, sneaks and a helmet, luckily, i didn't get touched by the car and i rolled out of it, and has some good rash on my shoulder and side.

I sold that bike for 3900 and got 3700 from insurance.. NICE!

I bought a 2006 Ninja 636 with 900 miles. I rode that for 2000 miles until the end of the season.

Then starting in March, i started reading on various forums, i learned so much, i picked up a A* leather jacket and A* leather gloves, and a nice Suomy helmet. Then I got pretty confident on my 636 and started stunting a little. I beat the crap out of that bike. I just sold it 3 weeks ago for 200 bucks more than i paid for it, hahahahah.

Now I have a pretty R6 raven, I bought it with a Termi slip on and brand new PP2CT's

I've learned so much about the importance of gear, being smarter, smart upgrades, etc.. Thats all

And todays my last day of work, so im pretty pumped to get hammered tonight and spit some game to the shladies..

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At least you made it out alive.
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