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I wrestled with removing my tail-plastic for an hour tonight because my license-plate light was not getting continuity. After an hour of swearing at the engineer who put that fastener on the left side underneath the plastic from the trunk-bottom, I finally got the tail apart and nearly dropped dead from the horror! I'm traumatized.

When I bought the bike I had checked under the seat, beautiful... no reason to suspect anything. Even the aftermarket alarm wiring looked sound and professional. Now I get a look under the passenger pillion... spaghetti. No solder, not even wire-caps. Just twisting and (sometimes) electrical tape. The lighting problem?... the lead wire for the socket had deteriorated clean in two!!! Crap. I'm gonna be off the road for a day or two fixing this. More bad news.. I cut the socket for the license plate light before I got the tail off... so now I need a new one of those, too. any idea what the part-number is on that? bike bandit and yamaha's site show it in the tail-light schematic, but don't assign it a part no.

:cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss :cuss
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