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Need Help--07' Making Weird Noise While Riding

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I'm no mechanic, but I'll try to describe this the best I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have an 07' R6 (not "s" model) with about 4,000 miles on it. I've had every maintainence done on time at the stealership. I live in Montana and the riding season has just started. I had the bike winterized at the stealership and kept it in the garage.

I've taken it out a few times already, but yesterday I noticed a noise occuring in first and second when I rev the bike and then let off the throttle. It sounds like a tin can rattling somewhere in the front. It only happens If I rev up to 4 or 5K and let off the throttle to slow down. It didn't seem to happen at other RPMs, and it only happens when I am riding. Not if the bike is parked and I rev the engine. Any ideas? (I haven't done any performance mods yet)
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Mine does (I think) the same thing. It does it when I ride hard in first to the red line too but doesn't do it in any other gear. The research I have found leans me towards the infamous Yamaha ticking that everyone says is normal. Your noise my be differnt than mine but your description is close to how I would describe mine. Hope this helps.
Does yours sound like a tin can is rattling? I'm use to the Yamaha tick and it's never made this noise before. I'm not really sure how else to describe the noise-it sounds like Metal Vibrating and Shaking--not ticking.

Thanks for the input though
I have no previous experience with the ticking so I could be wrong. Its not a rattle but it does sound like something tapping on the sides of a tin can. How old is yours? Could you take it in for a warranty issue still?
07-warrenty expired like 3 weeks ago. It sounds like someone put 2 tin cans in a bag and is rattling/vibrating them together at utlra fast speeds. It is not a ticking...it is a rattle.
My 06 did that and my 07 does it now too (started around 4,000 miles) It doesn't worry me but i wouldn't mind knowing what exactly it is.

My noise is exactly how you discribed... a metal rattling noise from the front end when the throttle is let off in lower rps. I checked for anything loose (actually took the whole front end off) but i didnt find anything.
This may be a long shot, but is your chain tight?
You could be hearing your chain slap around, like I said it may be a long shot but who knows?
Checked the chain, seems to be fine. It also seems to be coming from too far up to the chain. And other ideas?
it's probably normal, mine makes some weird whistle type noise when it's cold < 34 F. I'm from montana also, we should ride some time if your close enough.
Mine hasn't started doing it (1200 miles) but I would be interest to find out what is causing this. :cool:
icepic-I'm in Bozeman (actually lived in Butte for awhile), but I'm transfering to the University of Louisville in a few weeks. If you're up for a ride before then send me a message. (it's suppose to snow tonight...)
i know, i ride with snow on the ground pretty often though, just got to take it easy and be ready to through a foot down.
check the heat shield on the cat???? typical car issue...
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