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Supposedly my R6 eats me?
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Just got one quick question - I have read over a few posts a few minutes ago, and saw someone asking about Er_1 ... from what I read supposedly it was an error code. Well im curious then if ALL the error codes have Er_# in them.... basically today I ran into problems with my bike...just 2 days after I got it back from the shop after a week without it...I was going on the freeway about 70 or so and it pretty much just shut off.....i had power and everything but the bike...just stopped running...so i ended up coasting over to the shoulder.

There is a number 19 there....but there is no Er_19...just 19...i assumed it was an error code, and had found one other article online about an error code 19. Anyone know?

Basically heres a description of my problems....figure if someone has an idea maybe theres something I can do with it, before I resort to the shop again.

My initial problem that put it in the shop in the first place was that the big all of a sudden shut down to only 2 cylindars....apparently my ignition coils were fried? Well, while they waited for the replacement parts for that, they went ahead and did the 8k service... when i picked it up a week later, i noticed 1 thing that was a bit odd...but didnt think too much about at the time. When I started it up after getting it back, there was not quite a rattle, but something similar...i found it was coming from the intake...i dont know what exactly..but it had to have had something to do with the intake. Also later that day when my fan came on, i noticed they just shoved all the electrical in there and some of the wires were coming into contact with the fan...as far as i could tell..they werent restricting the fan, and the fan wasnt tearing into the wires...but they were coming into constant contact..

If anyone has any ideas clues, or experience with this? Also if might have an idea, or need a little more info on anything...just ask, im in the Army stationed in Monterey , CA...and my bike is my way to escape on the weekend and at nights and also my only means of transportation...soo i really need to get it back up and running..any help you guys got..any input...whatever, would be a great help.

Thanks -
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