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Went Out Riding Today And Usually Just Stay In A Lot But Everyone Decided To Hit The Streets For Alittle. Vortex Sent Me The Wrong Spocket So Im Still Waiting On It But Just To Ride I Have -1 -3thats The Only Size Back Sprocket They Had @ The Shop So I Took It Just To Ride. Has No Power @ All Can Only Do 1st Gear Stuff But The Bike Runs @ High Rpms. Already Did The Air Box Mod So, Then 3 Wheelies Into It The Bike Starts Smoking Like A Train. Everyone Was Saying Some Oil Got Into The Head So I Just Rode For Alittle And It Stopped. Checked My Oil Later And I Hd It Filled Past The Marker Line On The Dip Stick And Know It Looks Like Most Of It Is Gone I Guess From Burring Cause There Was Bubbles In It. Runs Fine Now But I Was Thinking Am I Gonna Need A Oil Pick Up To Solve This Problem ? Sorry This Is So Long
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