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As some on you might remember, I bought an 99 r6 about 3 months ago and last week went to change or clean my air filter and there was no filter nore cage in the box. So I ordered both parts and waited a week. During the week I have tried to research some info on how bad of a thing it is to run no air filter etc, also talked to a mechanic that said if your bike is heavily jetted than it might not be able to run a filter period. ya ya ya. Well I jsut put in the filter and cage and took the bike for a spin, it seems to run jsut fine except the tach is bouncing slightly now, or maybe its just my head so I has a barely bump up the idle adj. Anyway so now I am a nervous reck, bc I have been told many different things. Like its very bad to run no filter, particles can be clogging your jets and dirt might be in the pistion area, and I have also been told its no big deal at all, as long as you dont ride in areas with heavy dirt. Also the guy who I bought the bike off of did not know if it was jetted or not, but it does have a full d and d exhaust on it w/ header. Anyway I am broke as a joke right now and confused on if the bike is just fine now or what ya know? Do I continue riding it now with my new filter and pretend it never happened or what? very pissed and confused. thanks Ray
Also no offense but if you do know or not on my situation please dont respond, I cant take getting all these different opinions. thanks :cheers

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Here's the facts.
If you ran without a filter for a long period of time, there COULD be some dirt in the system. More than likely there are SMALL particles in there, but they will pass through the system with no problem.

I have been riding 29 years and have never heard of a bike being jetted in such a way that it could NOT run a filter. It's insane.
The filter is there for a reason. I would take off the airbox, clean it thoroughly, and put a filter in there. If it runs good, leave it alone. Some nitwit probably thought that by allowing easier breathing, it would be faster. Not true. The airbox is pressurized. It will hurt it rather than help.

Bottom line: Your bike is probably fine, but put a filter back in it.
Also, if it has a full D&D system, it SHOULD be jetted. If it runs funky, it probably isn't jetted correctly. Call D&D and get the reccomended jet sizes.

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I would be hesitant about taking my bike to a mechanic that told me that my 600 was jetted to the point that it required that mych air flow...
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