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I went to a more local motorcycle dealer today that just opend up not to long ago and saw the new '04 R1 and R6. I started talking to the guy about buying the blue '04 R6 and he started asking me what my plans are with the bike and then said the blue and silver are sold out in the North West and would take months to get ones in and it would cost more to have them sent here. I told him that the '04 R1 was the original bike i wanted but thought i should start out on a 600cc instead. I also told him that the bike would be ridden almost daily and also used at the track for some fun and that i want to get into a little bit of stunting later on. He then told me that the 2004 R1 would be a better option for me. He was saying that the new R1 has improved so much its almost like ridding an R6 but with more power and would be better for the stunting (as far as wheelies at least) because its easier to bring the front end up when you want to. I know the '1' has a reputation for being one wheel happy but is said to be improved (though still easy) this year. This guy also said that no matter what, you have to respect the bike so why not get what you want now? Also saying the new and improved R1 isn't that bad at all and would be fine to start out on if your head is in the right place because both bikes have the power to kill you.
I guess when your in the market and you hear all these things it kind of clouds your judgement so i just need some opinions. Im not sure if anyone here knows weather or not this information is true or not especially about the bike being improved that handles like a 600 but has more power. I did read a review and thats also the way it seems but then again it wasn't all that indepth about comparing.

*Also just to let you know, i will not buy anything else besides a R6 or an R1 and I believe i have the power to learn and respect both bikes.
Thanks in advance, and keep it rubber side down.
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