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So the issue is my bike wont turn over if it sits for more than a couple hours. At first I thought it might be the battery might just need a little charge so I hooked it up to my battery tender and it started up just fine. I took it out for a ride and keep the RPM's up and took it home. Shut it down and started it again to check the battery strength and it started just fine again. So I think cool its all good. But I go out the next day and get the same no go issue as before. So I hook up the charger again, and again starts up fine. This time I let it sit and try it a few hours later and back to no go.

Based on these things Im thinking I got a faulty battery, but Im not sure. I havent hauled it into AutoZone yet, but I plan to and Im throwing this out there for anyone who might see something Im missing.

Other possible problem might be spark plugs since they are due for a changing.
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