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Need some help with a competition werkes eliminator

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Hello again, it was a nice day today and decided to ride. I'm getting better although that dam u-turn is still killing me. Anyway, does anyone have a competition werkes elim on their 06? The one that mounts with the tail hugger . When I got my bike in january the plate light strobed. The light just went bad and stopped working a couple days ago and I was wondering if anyone ever replaced the light yet if it is replaceable. I emailed werkes and they said it wasn't supposed to strobe and that it maybe corroding which is why it is strobing. They also said they sell replacement bulbs. I have no idea how to replace the bulb because the light casing looks like its glued on to the base. Could it be possible the previous owner added a relay to make the light strobe? I just wanted to get a second opinion. Thanks for any feedback
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i know this wasn't ur question, but when ur doing u turns, utilize ur rear brake. it stabilizes ur bike through the turn and will give you more confidence that you can get through it without putting your foot down. also, just trust urself and keep practicing. as for ur tail kit... :confused:
I'll have to try that in a parking lot one night. My coworker tells me to just keep looking at where I wanna go. I'm still scared to lean it over a lil at slow speeds. The rear end coming loose is what really scares me. Thanks for the advice.
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