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Need to find a Plate Relocator

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Hey, anybody know where I can buy a license plate relocator?? The one that puts it by your tire?? I've seen them on ebay before, but there's none up there now, and I can't seem to find any surfing the web. Help would be much appreciated!! Thanks.
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well dependin on how bad u want one i could probably make one for ya. not promisin it will look like a company made peice but i will promise it wont be a peice of crap.

or just keep watchin ebay, i think they put em on there in batches so theyre probably in the middle of makin some more. :cheers

Hey, how much would it cost for you to make one?? How long you think it would take??
well f my budy was here this weekend i could probably have got it done this weekend. so it might take me 2 weeks cause of how much i work. as for money id have to tell ya after i made it to be sure. i wouldnt charge ya for anything but the materials and shippin. i enjoy just makin things like that anyway. ill go to my ex employer and see if hell let me play with the machinery and ill see what happens. ill take a pic for ya when i get it done and you can let me know if ya like it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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