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Just got myself a complete custom, race developed stainless exhaust system! 1 year old but never used. I will be fitting it over the weekend.
Been after one for ages now. This one fell into my lap yesterday after getting a phone call. Not only will it look better than the standard rusty headers that we have to put up with, it will unleash a few more ponies, plus it only about half the weight! I am going to keep my high rise link pipe and Blue Flame EVO can because I love the look and the sound of it.
Bring on the weekend!

Plus, I got myself some new Boots yesterday. I went for some Alpine Star SMX Plus in black/blue. With the "shoe" insert, they are so comfortable, and offer loads more support than my Frank Thomas boots. They were an impulse purchase, but one Im glad I made. I only got them because I had called in at the shop to see if my Frank Thomas ones had come back from the manufacturer after a fault developed with the heel of the left one. They had not arrived, but are due today. So, I will have two brand new pairs of boots to wear in now lol!
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