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new front blinkers?

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I need new front blinkers on my 01 R6. I have been looking at the Lock Hart Phillips Flush Mount V's. The dimessions of the lights is listed as 2 1/4" by 1 1/4". The hole in the fairing measures the same, but are the lights the right shape for the hole?

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I think the flushmount IV's fit exactly in the '03's but not sure about the '02's. They look awfully similiar. CustomLED makes a sweet insert for the IV's.http://www.customled.com/PRODUCTS/FLUSHMOUNT/flushmount.htm
I like these. If I ever get "un-broke" i'm getting a pair.
My only issue with them is visibility. How well can everyone else see em...
I replied once to this but i don't know where it ended up.

Those flush mounts look goofy on the front.

I got the short stalk round ones and I mounted them to the black plastic piece behind the hole where the stock ones go. Just the round part sticks out.

It looks pimp, I'll post pics soon.
And you guys mocked me for repeating, lol... muahahahaha


p.s. j/k
oh... make sure it has the running light if that concerns you. Three wires opposed to two
Its my site and I can repeat if I want! Damn it! Just kidding. :mrgreen: I must have missed your post. I did buy those blinkers. I am working on a fiberglass piece to fill the hole then mount the blinker to the fiberglass piece. I am taking pictures and plan on writing a how to article.

the one nice thing about the CustomLED inserts is that they have one color for the running lights and another for the blinker. If you want to make sure you're seen, then I think they are a great choice. Getting some myself....maybe soon.......
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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