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New Guy from Cali. 2008 R6s

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Johnny; I live in California and just got a new 2008 R6s.
I just wanted to introduce myself, and learn some new info here. Hopefully I will have better luck on this board, it seems more in depth then some of the others; which I've had no luck.

First some quick pics.

Next, my question:

I’m interested in a Scorpio Alarm, either a SR i900 or SR i600. However, I’m unsure if can utilize the factory “plug and Play connector”. I don’t see a drop down menu for R6s, anyone using the factory “Plug and play” with an R6s? Can I just use the 03+ R6 connectors?

Thanks in advance.
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cangrats on the sweet new bike!!!

welcome to the forum!!!
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the bike. Looking good. :D
welcome dood! nice bike. u might wanna start a thread about the alarm in general discussions or garage / mechanical help to get more responses...
congrats welcome to the forum i see were neighbors
welcome bro.....im from sacramento
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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