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New guy from North Dakota

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What up? My names Chris and I just recently bought an 00 R6. Not the prettiest looking bike in the world right now but im working on that. Picked it up from the original owner and it had already been modded some. Only had 2500 original miles on it.

Here is my current mod list
Akrapovic Slip on
Penske rear shock and unknow spring
Sprocket Specialties Rear sprocket
Flushmount Front Turn Signals(ordered)
Integrated Tail light -Smoked(ordered)
New Windshield -smoked (ordered)
New Gauge cluster(ordered)
New Turn signal switches(ordered)

With the bike I also got:
Victor Rear sprocket
Another unknow sprocket
Eibach Rear spring
Unknown rear spring
1ft tall stack of clutch discs
3 piece Shark Skin Race Fairings

Hopefully gonna figure out what to do with the body work here soon. I think im gonna order replacements off ebay and have them flat blacked. Also does anyone know what the gauge cluster blots on to?


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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the bike. :D
Thanks. Does anyone know if the 04 nose/windshield piece will work on my bike? It looks to be the same headlight cut out but im not sure and thats the only piece thats missing so far.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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