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what's up guys? i'm obviously new here and unfortunately don't have an R6 yet. i'll be buying one next spring and want to start to gain some knowledge on how these little inline 4s work. if you can't tell by my sig i'm a big v8 guy but bikes are obviously a different story so i'm sure i'll get by.

i'm pretty handy when it comes to cars (done everything to it myself minus the tuning, see the end of this post for a list) so i'm sure i'll be able to tackle almost anything when it comes to my R6 considering everything is easier to get to and on a smaller scale. here's a list of mods i've done to my car and a couple of pictures too.

i'm looking at getting a fuel injected R6 and was mainly looking at 03-05s but i'm really starting to like the lines of the 07+ R6s. only thing is they are quite a bit more expensive. i can get an 03-05 for like $3-4000 and in most cases the 07+s are $5000+. do you guys think the prices for the newer generation ones are going to come down by spring time?

here's the stallion...

-Procharger P1SC tuner kit
-3 core Procharger intercooler
-Ford Racing 42# injectors
-SVT Focus 255lph fuel pump
-Kenne Bell boost a pump
-PMAS blow through MAF
-Flowmaster Original 40 Series catback
-Jegs off road h
-SLP high flow cats
-BBK 78mm TB and plenum
-Summit COPs


-Autometer Sport Comp II mechanical boost/vacuum gauge
-Autometer Sport Comp II electric fuel pressure gauge
-Corbeau GTS II seats with black leather/suede


-FRPP C Springs
-Bilstein HD Shocks & Struts
-Maximum Motorsports CC Plates
-Hotchkis Lower Control Arms


-2000 Cobra R 4 Piston Brembo Brakes
-R1 Concepts Drilled and Slotted Rotors
-Hawk Ceramic Pads


-Fidanza 2.1 clutch kit
-Steeda firewall adjuster
-Steeda double hook clutch quadrant
-Steeda adjustable clutch cable
-MGW short throw shifter
-Black cue ball style classic shift knob
-Ford Racing 3.73s


-Shelby Torque Thrust Anthracite Bullitts. 17x8 in front and 17x10.5 out back.
-Hood pin kit
-14 inch antenna

dynoed at 351rwhp 353 rwtq and runs the 1/4 in 12.82 @ 114.03, and that's with street tires (60' of 2.08).

i have a million other pictures too if you guys want.

· My Bonneville eats me.
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oh and i forgot to mention that i'm from a small town on the north shore of MA and go to school at gettysburg college in gettysburg, PA
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