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New Honda 1000RR

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Has everyone seen this yet?


They went to side exhaust and dropped the aggressive front end for a more IMO Ducati look. New engine and chassis, and check the weight...439! (51 pounds heavier than last years model) Are they crazy? I know Honda has been a strong competitor for a long time and they usually have good ideas but I'm lost on this one. I saw one in person the other day and I think its ugly but thats just an one opinion...I just can't see how this thing is going to compete with the R1.

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Sorry dude but that bike doesn't excite me
Me neither thats my point. I think Honda is taking a wrong turn, but stranger things have happened.
hideous looking...looks like a ducati front end that they simply smushed back
Ill be the first to say that I love it!
Wow...definitely not what i was expecting

Its ugly!
I have seen that bike in person and I must say I am not a fan.
I'd rock one... I'll put money down that it wins more than one literbike shootout this year...
I'm not a fan of the look, but I'm sure it runs nice. :D
i saw one in person the other day too. ugliest thing i've ever seen.
Not bad looking it totally has the ducati looking head lights. I really like the rear end It look very clean even stock!
I'm not a fan of the look either...
im with tpayne
They could have been smoother on the exhaust. It looks like a hockey stick from the side. Its a big L shape....UGLY :throwup

that is an ugly bike. i really hope that performance compensates for the looks. and honestly it is not even close to looking like a ducati. ducatis are hot; this is not hot. in my humble apinion i think that honda could have done better.
I wonder it got heavier?! If they went with the side-GP style vs. the undertail....that should have saved a few pounds. Plus the 600rr style fairing was suppose to also save weight.
Yea, the 07 is a really nice bike. I can vouch for that. Apparently the 08 HRC and Corona bikes are putting down some pretty hefty competition at the tracks.
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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