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Internal helper monkey
Here's one for the Spanish. With the super lightweight materials being used Honda have been able to develop a series of tunnels within their machine that will house a highly trained, yet totally expendable helper monkey. Should any non organic part of the bike malfunction then the primed primate will be able to locate the problem and fix it without affecting the rider.
"It's amazing" said our secret informer "The monkey is linked up to a series of electrodes all over it's body. When a problem occurs on the bike the monkey is given a shock, with the location of the shock representing the location on the bike. Say for example if the monkey gets an electric shock in its eye it could represent that the chain needs tightening. Also the severity of the shock will represent the severity of the situation, a mild shock for example would mean 'go have a look' whereas a skin-singing multi-shock would tell the monkey not to dawdle."
The monkey will be equipped with a very basic toolkit but will be trained to use it's hands and feet to fix most problems - especially dangerous ones. Furthermore the monkey will be taught to eject itself towards the end of the race to save weight and to possibly hinder any chasing riders.
Does anyone know if they make this mod for a 2004 R1?

If so, where can I buy one...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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