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In Search of 08+ R6
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Hi there! Names John, figured Id join the forum seeing as I'm dead set on looking into buying a yamaha R6 as my next bike.

Little bit about myself, I'm 18 (19 next month whoo hooo) currently attending New England Institute Of Technology for Automotive and High performance and have been in love with bikes since I was a kid. Although my parents never let me get one (sucked) but when I turned 18 I set out on a goal to find a bike.

Early last summer I found a nice little Ninja 250 to learn on and have since used this bike almost every day, I just love it. Warm or cold, sun or rain I'm out and about on it. Have clocked in almost 4K miles just over the summer. Now however it is time to move on and up, I'm just tired of the power-band now and although its fun to zip around town in I need something that will help with highway riding from my apartment in RI to my family on Cape Cod, MA.

I've been on a buddies R1 once and it was nuts, way too much power for me, been on another buddies R6 and fell in love and I mean IN LOVE. So since winter is coming around I feel its probably time to start looking because prices will soon get cheaper and I know they will sky rocket again once spring starts rolling around.

Got a buddy that wants to buy my Ninja 250 for $1,800 but wont have the money till April of 15' :( which kind of blows because I could add that to the money I'm already looking to spend for my budget.

Anyway I'm looking at R6's with the newer headlight design, preferably a 07+ and have a budget of around $5K-$6K is this doable? anything I should look out for other then the basic stuff? Anything specifics with these bikes I should be made aware of prior to purchase?

EDIT: Read through a few threads and it seems 08+'s are more preferred. Any specific reasons why?

Thanks for any and all feedback, hope to spend a lot of time on this forum with you all :)
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