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New member with 99 r6 - some questions for you

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Hey guys, just joined the forum after picking up an R6 yesterday. It's a 99 and doesn't seem to have been taken care of too well. I have a couple big problems that I don't like about the bike.

First the front brakes are really weak. Rotors and pads are good. I adjusted the lever but that didn't help. Also bled the brake fluid and that didn't help much at all. Any clues?

Second, the throttle response on this thing is horrible. After warming up on idle you must slowly rev up or the bike will stall. I adjusted the idle already and that didn't help. Adjusting it too high will make the rev's stick (for example, I rev up and release the throttle but the revs come down slowly). Adjusting too low makes the bike stall obviously.

The way it's set up right now, if I jerk the throttle (not that hard even) the bike will stall. So this means when starting from a stop I need to bring the revs up a little and then release the clutch. When accelerating, around 5k rpm to 8k rpm there's a flat spot. After that the bike pulls hard. This is definitely a flat spot, not low torque.

So, sounds like the carbs need to be cleaned? Anything else it could be?

I should add I've been working on and riding bikes for quite a while; just thought I'd check here before I get to wrenching. Any advice is great. Let me know guys.
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I'm a YamaPro tech so here is my opinion. You have an air leak some where and the idle is so high is floods the motor out when the butterflies open up. Look around your boots for cracks so on you know the drill. Then check all your vaccum lines make sure they are routed right. Lastly check your fuel pump could be a bad diaphram or however you spell it. Front breaks I'd say there is air in the lines still usually an air bubble can hide somewhere near the master, pump the brakes up the crack the line going into the master make sure the bars are all they way to the left and you should get the bubble out. Check all the lines carefully for cracks and other faults. PM me let me know what happens..............
Welcome to the forum. :D
Guess tomorrow I'll clean the carbs and check the boots while i'm at it. Also bleed the brake fluid again. Thanks guys.
welcome, wished i could help you out
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