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hey everyone. I'm new to this site but i have been reading the forums for a couple months now. its great to have all this knowledge at just a mouse click away. anyways, i want tell you about my little endvor i had with my 07 R6 this past weekend. i was heading home after a short 30 min joy ride on country road that i have never traveled on before. it had about a 3mile strecth and then out of nowhere a 90 degree turn, i was cruising @ 80mph thinking everthing was fine. after realizing that i was going a little hott to make the turn i just slammed her down in 1st and applied both brakes. being fixated on what was in front of me and looking through the turn like your supposed too, caused me to go straight towards a corn field but not before coming to a 2 foot ditch full of f**kn mudd. the bike laid over and was covered with mud. after getting what was once my beautiful bike out of the mud and got it home and cleaned off, i now have a bunch of little scratches on the lower left side fairing. things could have been alot worse....lol

so if anybody knows of charcoal color lower left side fairing for sale, please let me know. this is :BS

and please feel free to reply and tell me how much of a jack ass i am of trying to attack a road i never been on. i know. i know

well, i look forward to talking with you all in the future
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glad you made it out ok and welcome to the forums.
Sounds like a learning experience... Welcome homie
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