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So for a class I am making a custom slip-on for the R6. I want to make a shorty thats still a big can. I used the stock exhaust as a mold & template.

First it needed to be taken appart.
Rivets drilled out
edges groud down
center was driven out

Got it all out eventually and the idea was to get rid of that aweful baffel and replace it with a 2in straight perf tube like most aftermarket exhausts

Next Cut off the End of the midpipe.

Next Step is to make the Can.
First coat the can with Ceran Wrap because the resin/ epoxy contracts
and the aluminum will not.
Coat this with a PVA mold release.
Wrap the mold with your CF and cut it to the length you desire
Now mix your epoxy - it is important you use a high temp Epoxy Resin,I recomend West Systems Proset Epoxy 145 with 229 Hardner
Coat the CF with the epoxy completely and mae sure its worked into the fibers.
Let the part cure. Once it starts to set, put it in the oven and bake @200deg for up to 8hrs.

Once everything has hardeded, pull it off the mold. This will be extremely difficult and will take a lot of time. The ends will need to be squared off.

Next the 2in perf tube needs to be cut to length of your can.

If you use the stock caps you need to make little cuts to get it in the new can easier.

Now you can put it together to test it. Place the ends in the Can and make sure everything fits. The Mid pipe will be loose until you weld the baffel to it, and then find a way to attach that to the cap. This is where I am now more to come as I progress tomorrow.
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