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Hello to all,

I am a new R6 owner since 1 week and just made 40.
I recently used to ride a BMW R1100RT (former police version) but had all kind of bikes (FZ750 1984, Kawasaki KX200, Suzuki 1400 Intruder, Yamaha XJ750, Triumph Speed Triple 1050, Suzuki DR650RSE, Kawasaki VN 1500 DRIFTER, even a Piaggio X9 250cc !)
A friend of mine (older than me :D) has got a 2001 carburated R1 and use it on track only.
I decided begining of this year to have a go on a track and I found an opened day training that I did wit the BMW.
I t was nice and even if my bike was 200lbs heavier than an R6 I liked it so much I decided to buy a sprot bike, cheap but still good to go for some track days. It had to be street legal as well so that I can use it for rides on the road if I want to.

Oh, and I also own a 1996 Honda Prelude 4G 2.3L 4WS and a 1992 Buick Roadmaster Wagon on which I did quite a lot of work (it was my daily drive)

Oh, and I live in the South of France (yes, in Europe)

The 2003 injected R6 I bought had an accident in the past and was economically beyond repair but then repaired by a shop and sold.
It is OK but still has some snags:
- front rim is not straight and vibrations appear from 85 mph. I have to get it repaired soon.
- left handlebar it bend downward, not easy during slow turns right. It scared me at some occasions. io not know what to do, buy OEM part or buy snap on handlebars.
- battery died on me last week. Bought an Motobatt MBT9B4 GEL for 90USD from Germany. cheap and good for this bike (can be installed in any position - like flat - and last twice longer).
- some screws and pieces broken or missing here and there but overall it is OK for the price I paid it
- Need new tires, for stock dimension (street legal) I find only Pirelli Rosso Corsa but they are great so will be fitted soon !

Here it is tyou know most of it !!


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