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New to the forum, track only rider. Picked up a 12 R6 for this season and almost ready to go out.

My current issue- I cant get a firm lever on the Brembo RCS17 Corsa Corta. The lever was very firm with the stock r6 master, maybe even "wooden". Has ss lines with 1 banjo at the master, and using rbf 660. I bought it second hand so not sure if the po knew it needed seals, or if the 17 is just small so has more lever travel. With the lever set half way out, the pivot turned to the 20 setting, and knob turned to "R", I can still hit the grip. I've reverse bled it thoroughly which usually works for me, and I am getting an ongoing consistent stream of bubbles through the master bleeder. Think that is air coming through threads of the bleeder- no thread tape in. But one would think the RCS 17x20 would have less travel than the stock 16x19.

  • Does it sound like my RCS17 is shot? Is this a good master for the R6?
  • Can anyone comment on preference between the brembo mk2 19x18 vs 16x18? I've talked to racers who like the 19 because they can lift the rear with one finger, but I prefer smooth modulation over outright power. But with the 16 I fear I will have the same lever travel issues. And others like the Discacciati 16x19 billet unit?
  • Is there any way to make the stock R6 master less wooden, have more feel? Are the ss lines making that feel worse?

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