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New R6 question about season.

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Just purchased my second r6, this one being a 2004 that is still in the crate at the moment. Living in NJ the winter months are raipdly approaching. I do not ride all year and im wondering if I should even have the shop put any fluids in the bike and wait till the season starts up again. Or should i just have them put the fluids in anyway. Any ideas, suggestions? :?:
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It really doesn't matter which you choose. If you have them put the fluids in now, then you won't have to do it before you ride it after the snow melts.
They'll have to to make sure everything is ok with it. If they don't, you may be missing out on alot of yamaha's part of liability. it's not gonna hurt anything for ya, so i'd say to just go ahead and have them do it.
If anything it would be a good thing, since you will want to have all the fluids as full as possible (normal levels) so no moisture settles in places that it should not.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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