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Ok so I ordered this gel stuff that seems pretty friggin comfy! and some new seat covers for my bike...but I would like some opinions here
Should I leave my padding in the seat and just throw the gel under or on top of the stock padding?
Or should I remove stock padding altogether and put in 2 layers of the gel stuff?
The Gel is 3/8 of an inch thick and doubled up is pretty fookin comfy!!!
What ya'll think?:confused:

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I have the same idea in mind, but Im either going to cut a section out of the OEM foam to match the gel pad.This way the pad is flush with the foam & wont show thru the seat cover when re-installed.Or i will just buy some memory foam & cut/shape it like the OEM piece.Then replace the stock foam with the mem foam.The stock seat feel rock hard to when i sit on it!
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