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New site supporter!!!

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I would like to welcome VFX Accessories to our site. For a limited time they are offering 5% off all purchases to r6-forum members!

So please click the ad and help support this site.


DJ1298 :mrgreen:
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I didn't want to post this under VFX's post but when I talked to the guy there today, he said they really shouldn't be offering 5% off on them becuase if the other dealers they sell to see this offer, they'd get pissed becuse the owner said he'd never under-sell the other dealers...

could be a marketing ploy but I doubt it. With the exchange rate, they don't need to offer any incentives b/c it works out to about $95 delivered in 3-5 days. he said orders from stateside were pouring in.

take it for what it's worth........

Expensive is letting my wife plan our wedding. This is merely a small present to myself for all the crap I have to put up with in going to look at invitations and tux's and this, that and the other thing......

Yes, we are already married. we just haven't had the "official wedding" yet. I wanted a party on the beach with a pig roast, band and kegs o'plenty but noooooooo........I got to dress up like a monkey and jump thru hoops for a day....... :jump

oh well. what are ya gonna do? I know! Keep buying myself things for my one indulgence in life! She's getting hers in the wedding and I'm getting mine in my bike!

Looks like I won this round!
I had to give it try, right! Oh well..... you win some, you lose some..... all I care about is that I got my bike out of this deal!

Besides, Canadian women never take no for an answer! :mrgreen:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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